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Frequently Asked Questions

Here is a compilation of common inquiries our customers asked before joining 3CX Hosting. If you have others, please let us know.


Frequently Asked Questions

Can I transfer my WIX website to 3CX Hosting?

The short answer is YES. However, because you can’t migrate the WIX building platform, we can only migrate content which will require some additional work.

What types of hosting plans do you offer?

We offer a variety of hosting plans, including shared hosting, VPS (Virtual Private Server) hosting, dedicated hosting, and cloud hosting. Each plan is designed to meet different needs

What is shared hosting?

Shared hosting is a hosting environment where multiple websites share the same server resources. It is a cost-effective option suitable for small to medium-sized websites.

How is VPS hosting different from shared hosting?

VPS hosting provides dedicated virtual resources within a shared server environment. It offers more control and flexibility compared to shared hosting, making it suitable for websites with higher resource requirements.

What is the uptime guarantee for your hosting services?

We guarantee a high level of uptime, typically 99.9% or more. Our robust infrastructure and redundancy measures ensure minimal downtime.

Is there a backup system in place?

Yes, we perform daily and weekly backups of your website and email data. You also have the option to create manual backups through cPanel within your client portal.

What security measures are in place to protect my website?

We employ various security measures, including firewalls, malware scans, and SSL certificates. Additionally, we may offer advanced security features depending on your hosting plan

How do I install SSL on my website?</p> <p>

SSL installation is automatically done for you. However, if you run into a situation where SSL hasn’t been applied, we have a straightforward process and instructions to guide you through it. You may also submit a support ticket and one of our team members will help get your SSL certificate working.

What is cPanel, and do you provide it?

cPanel is a web hosting control panel that simplifies website management. Depending on your hosting plan, you may have access to cPanel or a similar control panel for easy administration

Can I host multiple domains on a single hosting account?

Yes, many of our hosting plans allow you to host multiple domains under a single account. Check the details of your specific plan for confirmation

Do you offer email hosting services?

Yes, our hosting plans often include email hosting services. You can set up professional email addresses associated with your domain.

Can I transfer my Shopify website to 3CX Hosting?

The short answer is YES. However, because you can’t migrate the Shopify platform, we can only migrate content and products which will require some additional work.

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Our Features

All Hosting Plans Include 

Mobile Friendly Landing Page

3CX will create a branded lead generation home page to get you started quickly.

Secure SSL

All websites require an SSL certificate to rank better in Google. Some hosts charge for this service, we don't.

99.9% Up Time

Our servers are geolocated with multiple redundancies and have had zero downtime since 2018.

AI Powered Website Builder

Build a website like a professional without the restrictions found in other DIY platforms.

Free Business Email

Stop promoting GMail, Hotmail, and Yahoo. Build your brand with e-mail from your own domain.

Analytics Integration

Measuring your success is important so we provide a free connection to Google's suite of analytics tools.

FTP & File Management

Building a custom application or require more advanced access to your website. No problem.

DNS Management

3CX wants you to have the most control over your web presence so we do not restrict your DNS access.

Daily & Weekly Backups

Accidents happen. 3CX Hosting provides you with a one-click restoration of your website.


Choose Your Domain

Satisfaction Guaranteed

Courteous and Friendly Support

When you join 3CX you are introduced to a member of our team who will give you a 30-minute onboarding tutorial on WordPress and our website builder complete with AI capabilities.

30-Day Money Back Guarantee

We would like everyone to be our customer forever, but we realize that doesn't always align with reality...and that's okay. We stand by your right to satisfaction with a 30-day, money-back guarantee.

WordPress + DIVI Website Hosting

Plans & Pricing

* Personalized WordPress Training is a 30-minute onboarding session with a WordPress expert who will walk you through adding and editing content as well as creating pages within your WordPress website.